Coastal Resource Information Management System (CRIMS)

The Coastal Resource Information Management System (CRIMS) is an online, interactive map for viewing coastal and marine data of British Columbia. It contains a wide variety of coast and marine resources, including aquaculture, shoreline classification, selected fisheries information, and offshore oil and gas information.

The development of CRIMS is no longer ongoing. Additional layers are not currently being added, and there are no plans for subsequent releases of the application with new layers or further enhancements.

Important Documents

The following documents detail how CRIMS data was collected and used.

Results of an inventory of the various information sources held by government agencies, universities and individuals that relate to B.C.’s coastal zone:

Standards for mapping physical shore-zones in British Columbia:

Database and mapping system for the descriptive biota of British Columbia:

Methodology for large-scale mapping of estuaries in British Columbia:

Entities and their attributes in the provincial shore-zone database:

The B.C. Marine Ecological Classification (BCMEC) is a hierarchical classification that delineates provincial marine areas into:

  • Ecozones
  • Ecoprovinces
  • Ecoregions
  • Ecosections
  • Ecounits

BCMEC was developed from previous federal and provincial marine ecological classifications. The classification is used for marine and coastal planning, resource management, and the provincial marine protected areas strategy.


How to Use

Coastal and marine source information can be utilized through the CRIMS application.

Coastal Resource Map Viewer

The Coastal Resource Map Viewer allows users to download maps showing thematic CRIMS data layers.