Classification/Exclusion Requests

We're currently in a period of fiscal restraint. All staffing and classification requests must be approved by the Deputy Minister before being submitted to the BC Public Service Agency for processing.

Classification Requests

  • Deputy Minister approval is required for classification requests for all positions, whether vacant or encumbered, management or Bargaining Unit
  • When submitting a classification review, you must advise if the request has the Deputy Minister’s approval to proceed 

Exclusion Requests

  • All exclusion requests are forwarded to the union for review/approval as per the exclusion process
  • A new excluded position can be filled if you've received approval from your Deputy Minister, and the union has agreed to the exclusion
  • Questions regarding exclusion requests can be submitted through an AskMyHRRestricted Access service request using the category My Team or Organization (or) A Hiring Manager > Job Classification > Exclude a Position.