Science Fellowship Program (MITACS)

The Canadian Science Policy Fellowship Program (CSFP) fellow provides benefits for both the fellow and the division/government. This new program, launched in November 2016 is a twelve-month fellowship “that fosters relationships between government decision makers and academic researchers to help support policy changes.”  Fellowships commence September/August.

The assignment should:

  • Support evidence-informed decision making in the public service
  • Equip academic researchers with the skillset to analyze and address policy challenges in Canada
  • Provide government departments with access to highly specialized talent pool
  • Help to develop a national network of expertise in science policy

Applicable Job Codes

Job Code 794030 363005
Salary Plan GEU OEX
Bargaining Unit Code 3 0


Grid 30

Rates effective April 12, 2020

Step Annual Monthly Bi-weekly Hourly Notes
1 77,971.00 6,497.58 2,988.62 42.6946 Range 30, Step 1

Previous Pay Rates

Rates effective April 14, 2019


Annual Monthly Bi-weekly Hourly Notes
1 76,442.17 6,370.18 2,930.02 41.8574 Range 30, Step 1

Rates effective February 3, 2019

Step Annual Monthly Bi-weekly Hourly Notes
1 74,943.34 6,245.28 2,872.57 41.0367 Range 30, Step 1