Associate Deputy Minister OIC

Associate deputy ministers are deputy ministers in waiting, often assigned to a specific project or initiative pending appointment to lead a department.

Please see the Management Classification and Compensation Framework (PDF, 381KB) for alternate classifications for excluded positions that do not meet the criteria above.

Applicable Job Codes

Job Code 103011
Salary Plan MGT
Grade S12
Bargaining Unit Code 0


Rates effective October 1, 2018

Step Annual Monthly Bi-weekly Hourly
Minimum 190,000.02 15,833.34 7,282.68 104.0383
Maximum 230,000.12 19,166.68 8.815.88 125.9411

Previous rates effective Aug 1, 2008

Step Annual Monthly Bi-weekly Hourly
Maximum 299,215.05 24,934.59 11,468.88 163.8411