Merit Commissioner

The merit commissioner has two central responsibilities under the Public Service Act. The first is to conduct random audits of appointments to assess whether: the recruitment and selection processes were properly applied to result in appointments based on merit; and, the individuals, when appointed, possessed the required qualifications for the positions to which they were appointed.

The second responsibility is to review the application of merit as the final step in an internal staffing reviewing process. Employee applicants who are unsuccessful on appointments to bargaining unit positions may request a review of the appointment by the merit commissioner on the ground that the appointment was not based on the principle of merit and not the result of a process designed to appraise the knowledge, skills and abilities of eligible applicants.

The merit commissioner is required to report annually, no later than May 31, to the legislative assembly concerning the merit commissioner's activities under the Public Service Act.

Applicable Job Codes

  Officers of the Legislature
Job Code 023011
Salary Plan VAR
Grade NFS
Bargaining Unit Code 0


Rates effective January 13, 2020

Per Diem

Previous Rates

Rates effective April 1, 2019

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Rates effective April 1, 2016

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