Law Clerk

The primary role of law clerks, at both the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, is to provide assistance to judges in a variety of ways, including conducting legal research, preparing written memoranda, discussing matters with their judges, and editing and proofreading draft judgments.

As time and workloads permit, law clerks are encouraged to observe court proceedings, including trials, appeals and chambers hearings. Law clerks have the unique opportunity to engage in discussion with judges about cases they are hearing, developments in the law, aspects of the trial or appellate process, and the judicial process in general. (See also Articling Student).

Applicable Job Codes

  Law Clerk
Job Code 180015
Salary Plan MGT
Salary Grade AS1
Bargaining Unit Code 0


Rates effective March 24, 2014

Step Annual Monthly Bi-weekly Hourly
Maximum 49,900.22 4,158.35 1,912.67 27.3239

Previous Pay Rates

Rates effective March 29, 2009

Step Annual Monthly Bi-weekly Hourly
Maximum 48,446.79 4,037.23 1,856.96 26.5280