Crown Counsel Level 1

Crown counsel means any barrister and solicitor who is employed by the criminal justice branch, who is an employee under the Public Service Act.

This series is reserved for positions that have, as their primary purpose, responsibility for practising law within the criminal justice branch of the Ministry of Justice, or within another agency of government, which, because if its independent decision making authority, requires advice or representation outside of that provided to government by branches of the Ministry of Justice. They

  1. Provide legal advice and analysis
  2. Formally draft legislation
  3. Represent the Crown or an agency of the Crown in judicial, quasi judicial, and administrative proceedings, or acting on behalf of the Crown in accordance with the Crown Counsel Act


On an exceptional* basis, positions within the Ministry of Justice, but outside the criminal justice branch, that require a lawyer engaged in the practice of law in British Columbia to ensure proper understanding of legal issues and maintain the credibility of the role of the Attorney General. Primary functions and responsibilities involve

  1. Analyzing, interpreting, and implementing complex* legal policy and law reform initiatives
  2. Liaising or negotiating with senior officials within the provincial or other levels of government, the Bench, the Bar or similar stakeholders

Positions excluded from the Crown counsel series

  1. May involve some attention to legal or legal policy issues and/or where possession of a law degree or legal background has been indicated as mandatory or desirable, but do not perform, as their primary function, responsibilities listed in the inclusion criteria above
  2. Are deemed by the Law Society of British Columbia to be practising law, but the position does not otherwise meet the inclusion criteria set out above
  3. Require the interpretation of regulations, the drafting of policies or contracts, leases or other legal documents, or the conduct of studies in which a comprehensive knowledge of law is desirable, but not mandatory
  4. Have their primary purpose included in the definition of any other series or group

* As determined by the Legal Counsel Job Evaluation Committee

Applicable Job Codes

  Crown Counsel
Job Code 441401
Salary Plan CRN
Bargaining Unit Code 0


Rates effective April 1, 2021

Year of Call Annual Monthly Biweekly Hourly
1 92,967.92 7,747.33 3,563.45 50.9064
2 99,829.92 8,319.16 3,826.47 54.6639
3 106,692.19 8,891.02 4,089.50 58.4214
4 113,555.50 9,462.96 4,352.57 62.1796
5 120,415.43 10,034.62 4,615.51 65.9359

Previous pay rates

Rates effective April 1, 2020

Year of Call Annual Monthly Biweekly Hourly
1 90,913.38 7,576.12 3,484.70 49.7814
2 97,623.55 8,135.30 3,741.90 53.4557
3 104,334.24 8,694.52 3,999.12 57.1303
4 111,045.97 9,253.83 4,256.38 60.8054
5 117,754.06 9,812.84 4,513.50 64.4786

Rates effective April 1, 2019

Year of Call Annual Monthly Biweekly Hourly
1 88,938.95 7,411.58 3,409.02 48.7003
2 95,503.27 7,958.61 3,660.63 52.2947
3 102,068.39 8,505.70 3,912.27 55.8896
4 108,634.28 9,052.86 4,163.94 59.4849
5 115,196.78 9,599.73 4,415.48 63.0783