The legislative framework that governs procurement in the Province.

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Some of the legislative framework governing procurement in the Province includes the following Acts:

  • Budget Transparency and Accountability Act (BTAA): supports public accountability by requiring ministries to have three-year service plans and annual service plan reports that include performance targets and measures. It also governs the content and presentation of the Estimates and the Public Accounts
  • Financial Administration Act (FAA): sets out the financial administration framework for government. This is the main statute that guides financial administration processes and includes sections outlining the authority, functions and duties of Treasury Board and the Comptroller General
  • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA): makes public bodies accountable to the public and protects personal privacy
  • Information Management Act (IMA): provides a legislative framework for modern digital services and improves access to information
  • Procurement Services Act: describes the legal authority of the Minister of Citizens’ Service with respect to government procurement; this Act enables the Procurement and Supply Division to procure on behalf of government

All laws in BC are published on the BC Laws website.

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