Highway 17 Keating Cross Overpass Project

The Highway 17 Keating Cross Road “Flyover” Overpass Project will allow vehicles to travel this busy corridor more safely and efficiently, helping keep local businesses competitive and promote regional economic growth.

The project involves a new flyover overpass from the Patricia Bay Highway (Highway 17) northbound to Keating Cross Road westbound, eliminating the left turn across highway traffic onto Keating Cross Road. The project will also include a realigned southbound on-ramp to Victoria.

Project cost:

This project is funded with contributions from:

  • The Government of Canada
  • Province of British Columbia
  • The District of Central Saanich


Detailed design and consultation, construction is targeted to start in 2021 and be completed in 2023.  

Project Objectives

The project will replace the northbound left turn onto Keating Cross Road with a separated “flyover” overpass. This will eliminate the left turn across highway traffic, improve access for businesses and neighbourhoods in the Keating area, and make the highway safer for everyone who uses it.

The full project scope includes:

  • A new "flyover" overpass from the Pat Bay northbound to Keating Cross Road westbound, which will eliminate the left turn across highway traffic onto Keating
  • Realigned southbound on-ramp to Victoria
  • Bus-on-shoulder facilities to support future plans for bus rapid transit on the Pat Bay Highway
  • Keating Cross Road will be widened, including sidewalks, to support traffic using the new flyover


The project is designed to:

  • Better accommodate growing traffic demands
  • Improve safety
  • Relieve existing vehicle congestion
  • Improve traffic flow and travel times along Highway 17
  • Reduce idling times and related air emissions

Public Consultation

Previous Traffic Studies

Previous traffic studies for the Highway 17 corridor and the rest of Vancouver Island are available at Vancouver Island & South Coast Reports & Studies.