B.C. Active Transportation Design Guide Updates

This page explains major revisions to chapters or sections within the B.C. Active Transportation Design Guide. Updates may include new or revised guidelines, errata corrections and may incorporate previously issued Technical Bulletins.

Document Update Instructions Date Issued
Updates to the B.C. Active Transportation Design Guide
Transit-Oriented Development Supplement Supplement: British Columbia Active Transportation and Transit-Oriented Development Design Guide (2021 edition) 2022/01/21
Chapter H.1. Supplement: Updated Floating Bus Stop Design Guidance Updated Recommendation to B.C. Active Transportation Design Guide Chapter H.1
The B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has made updates to the recommendations for floating bus stops based on a B.C. Human Rights Tribunal Ruling that occurred in November 2020 (BCHRT 197). The interim guidance is consistent with the ruling regarding the installation of rapid rectangular flashing beacons (RRFBs) with push button and acoustic message at the crosswalk between the sidewalk and the floating bus stop.