Electric kick scooter pilot project

Illustration of person walking dog, electric kick scooter

Electric kick scooters are only allowed on roads and highways in participating pilot communities. You must follow road and safety rules and bylaws of each pilot community.

Pilot projects for active transportation

E-scooters, e-skateboards, and other micro mobility devices are a clean and efficient way to get around in B.C.

These devices aren’t allowed on public roads or sidewalks yet, so we’ve changed the Motor Vehicle Act to let us test ways to introduce them safely, starting with e-scooters.

Pilot projects in several B.C. communities will let us explore the potential of e-scooters. We’ll learn what’s needed to keep everyone safe on these, and similar devices, so we can update our plans and regulations.

  • If you’re a citizen who wants your municipality to apply for the electric kick scooter pilot project, contact your local government
  • If you work for a local government, contact us to find out more about the pilot project and how to apply:
    Email: MVA.Pilot.Project@gov.bc.ca
    Phone: 778-974-5469

The Electric Kick Scooter Pilot Project Regulation outlines the pilot community bylaw requirement and electric kick scooter rules and safety.

The electric kick scooter pilot project provides an opportunity for participating communities and the B.C. government to research, test and evaluate the safety and efficiency of electric kick scooters in supporting expanded active transportation networks and CleanBC.

Electric kick scooter pilot project

We’re updating our policies and regulations so more people can choose active transportation and stay safe on our roads.​

The following participating pilot project communities have adopted bylaws to allow the use of electric kick scooters on roads in their communities:

 These communities are participating in the pilot project but have not enacted bylaws. 

New applications are being accepted for the electric kick scooter pilot project. Local communities interested in joining the pilot project can contact us to find out more.

Email: MVA.Pilot.Project@gov.bc.ca
Phone: 778-974-5469

Contact your local government if you have questions about riding your electric kick-scooter in your community.