Active transportation education and encouragement

Last updated on April 10, 2024

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Spreading the word about active transportation helps more British Columbians discover this healthy and efficient travel option.

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Active transportation funding

The B.C. government funds programs and events that:

  • Inform people of all ages and abilities how to get started with active transportation
  • Increase adults’ and children’s confidence
  • Improve safety for all road users
  • Encourage everyone to choose active transportation for more trips


Bike to work and school events, like GoByBike, motivate people to try commuting by bicycle. Supportive teams and fun prizes attract more new riders every year.

The B.C. government is proud to have supported and participated in bike to work and school events for over a decade.

During the winter, spring and fall 2023 GoByBike events 61,187 British Columbians logged 2,313,928 km and saved 501,660 kilograms of greenhouse gases! This is equivalent to 112 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles driven for one year 

Why you should bike to work

Video about GoByBike week in Victoria, B.C.

EveryoneRides Grade 4 & 5 

The B.C. government has invested $1.4 million in the Everyone Rides Grade 4-5 program since 2020.

The EveryoneRides program lets children in grades four and five get bike education in their own schools. Kids start inside with a safety class and then hop on their bikes to build their skills outdoors.

For 2023, the B.C. government is supporting EveryoneRides in Kelowna, the Capital Region, Greater Vancouver and surrounding areas, the Kootenays, and Prince George area.

The sessions are delivered by HUB Cycling and other local partners. The online component of EveryoneRides, Learn2Ride Online, is openly available for self-guided learning.

Healthy communities

For low-barrier cycling education available from anywhere in the province, try Streetwise Cycling Online.

These organizations promote and encourage walking and cycling as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Active school travel

When kids walk, bike, or roll to school, they improve their physical and mental health, reduce carbon emissions, and increase road safety in their neighbourhoods.

Right now, one-third of B.C. school children choose active transportation to get to school.

We aim to increase this number, in partnership with the BC Healthy Communities Society by developing tools and resources for schools, local governments, health authorities, and families.


Contact us if you have questions about active transportation education and encouragement.