Active transportation

The B.C. government is aiming to have active transportation and public transit make up 30% of all trips taken in the province.

Let's move around with active transportation 

Pilot projects

12 Communities

12 electric kick scooter pilot communities: The B.C. government is making changes to rules to allow electric kick scooters in pilot communities.



$60M invested over three years: Funding has helped communities build over 400 active transportation projects, including new paths, bike lanes, crosswalks and more.

Education and encouragement

Education and encouragement

23% more riders participated in the fall 2022 GoByBike week than in 2021: Spreading the word about active transportation helps more British Columbians discover this healthy and efficient option.

What is active transportation?

Active transportation is human-powered transportation that connects your destinations. You might:

  • Walk to the grocery store
  • Cycle to work
  • Kayak to a picnic
  • Scoot to school

If you get to your destination under your own power, that’s active transportation.

Active transportation also includes travelling with the help of a device that gives you a boost, like mobility aids, electric bikes (e-bikes), electric kick scooters (e-scooters).

More and more British Columbians are choosing active transportation as a convenient way to get where they need to go.

Helping more people choose active transportation

Download the progress tracking report (PDF)

Our support for active transportation is part of the B.C. government’s CleanBC plan to make active transportation an option for more people and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build a better future for all British Columbians.

Learn how the B.C. government aims to double the percentage of trips taken by active transportation by 2030.

Active transportation can be an be an easy, efficient, safe, and affordable way to get to work, school, or other places in your community.

What we do

We work with our partners to help:

  • Build active transportation facilities, such as bike lanes
  • Deliver education and encouragement programs
  • Enforce rules that make the roads safer for everyone
  • Evaluate our progress to make sure we’re on the right path

Follow active transportation news and updates on BC Gov News.

Research and tools

Research can help us reach our active transportation goals.

Our team and partners track the growth of active transportation in B.C. to learn what works. We want to understand the barriers that may be holding people back from using active transportation. We gather data from communities and organizations so together we can plan what to do next.

Report a problem

You can report a problem, like a pot hole or debris on the shoulder, along a B.C. highway. For issues on local roads, contact your municipality.

We acknowledge all Indigenous peoples on whose territories we work and play. We honour their connections to the land and respect the importance of the diverse teachings, traditions, and practices within these territories.

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