Aviation Infrastructure Funding

The British Columbia Air Access Program (BCAAP) provides funding to assist B.C. aviation facilities, including airports, heliports and water aerodromes, to improve infrastructure and environmental performance. Through this cost-sharing program, facility operators can invest in safety, social improvements (such as improved medevac) and climate / environmental projects that help strengthen local, regional and provincial economies. BCAAP encourages funding partnerships with Indigenous, local, regional and federal governments, as well as agencies and private-sector organizations.

Previously, BCAAP was improved to enhance consideration of climate/environmental projects. The application form was updated to include a separate category for these projects. Climate projects can range from greenhouse gas (GHG) audits to equipment electrification, including charging stations; while environment projects can include mitigation works affecting run-off and operational projects such as recycling initiatives.

The most recent BCAAP Program Guidelines and Application Form are included below, for your reference. As the next BCAAP intake is not until late 2022, these forms will be updated at that time.

Program Update

We know how important the BC Air Access Program has been to regional airports around the Province. We also understand the COVID-19 pandemic has placed additional pressures on airports and air carriers.

For that reason, the Province has provided support to the aviation sector through:

  • $9.28M in capital grants supporting projects identified through the BC Air Access Program application process,
  • $16.5M in operational support grants to 55 airports that host medevac services; and
  • Distribution with the assistance of the BC Aviation Council of $3.77M (to date) in federal funds to small air carriers serving remote British Columbia.

As we turn our attention to recovery, the Ministry will be completing a comprehensive program review of BCAAP to ensure that it is well positioned to meet the needs of BC air facilities in a post-COVID world. We are taking this opportunity to connect with our partners in regional airports to gather information from the aviation community that will inform how BCAAP can be improved post-COVID.

In this light, and given that BCAAP is currently fully subscribed, we are not doing an application in-take this calendar year and, instead, we will focus on preparing for the next in-take period in late 2022 for the 2023/24 provincial fiscal year.

We encourage anyone with key, immediate or emergency capital needs to contact us so that we have a full situational awareness of the state of aviation infrastructure as we complete this BC Air Access Program review.