Surrey Langley SkyTrain Project - Transit-Oriented Development

Marine Drive SkyTrain Station

Learn about Transit-Oriented Development and the Surrey Langley SkyTrain Project. 

Transit-oriented development around new SkyTrain stations and bus exchanges presents opportunities to build greener, more liveable communities for people. It will support the Province’s efforts to build more housing for families, meet their CleanBC climate targets, and unlock economic and social benefits for people across B.C.

The ability of transit projects to help shape development and growth in B.C. and around the world has been well-documented, and the Province is working closely with municipalities to encourage the adoption of transit friendly zoning designations.

In April 2022, the provincial government introduced changes to the Transportation Act that will allow the Province, through the BC Transportation Financing Authority, to acquire land for the purpose of building housing and community amenities to serve people near transit stations and bus exchanges. 

These proposed amendments will give the BC Transportation Financing Authority the ability to acquire and improve land to support the development of housing and amenities near any stations or exchanges built as part of the public transit system.

In addition to housing, these mixed-use developments can include commercial services, employment space, child care and health-care centres, educational facilities, public spaces and recreation opportunities.

Housing and amenities development is meant to maximize the amount of residential, business and leisure space and other amenities in close proximity to public transport. This promotes the development of livable, compact communities making it convenient for pedestrians, cyclists or people who use mobility aids to access the nearest transit hub.

Marine Drive Station, shown in the image above, is an example of the type of transit-oriented development that will accompany new transit projects.

Transit-oriented development will benefit local residents, workers, families and the environment by:

  • Promoting transit ridership by locating housing, jobs and services close to Surrey Langley SkyTrain stations
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by increasing transit access and use and reducing the need for motor vehicle use
  • Promoting active transportation by developing neighborhoods that make it convenient for people to walk, cycle, and use mobility aids to access transit and amenities.
  • Including active transportation parking/storage and new active transportation facilities that connect to existing municipal networks
  • Increasing the stock of housing, affordable housing and purpose-built rentals.
  • Encouraging the development of connected communities in close proximity to transit stations