Highway 1 - Kamloops to Alberta - Travel Advisories

The Trans-Canada Highway 1 is the primary east-west connection through British Columbia. The Four-Laning Program is underway and may create travel delays throughout the corridor. Find out why this is still your most efficient route from Kamloops to Alberta and what to expect during construction.

Simple Road Map Kamloops to Alberta Border

Anticipated Construction Delays
Kamloops to Golden

*This table does not take into account unanticipated emergency and maintenance activities.
Please click the links for information about additional traffic delays.

Location Expect delays up to:
Kamloops to Salmon Arm 20 min – 30 min
Salmon Arm to Revelstoke 5 min – 10 min
Revelstoke to Golden 20 min – 40 min
Cumulative Delays for Entire Route from Kamloops to Golden 45 min 90 min

Anticipated Construction Delays
Golden to Alberta Border

There may be substantial delays on the Golden to Alberta Border portion of the highway due to the Kicking Horse Canyon Project.

Location Expect delays up to:
Golden to Alberta border (See Kicking Horse Canyon for planned closures and detours

Be prepared

Expect travel delays as we continue to upgrade the Trans-Canada Highway to a modern four-lane standard.

We suggest people plan their travel in advance and be mindful of construction activities. Please continue to check DriveBC.ca and this website for more detailed and up-to-date information.

We would like to thank the public in advance for their patience as we work to improve the safety, reliability and capacity of the highway.

Overall travel advice

Project travel advisories

Check DriveBC for current highway conditions and follow @DriveBC on Twitter.

Obey the Cone Zone

There will be enhanced enforcement around cone zones for the duration of the construction. Plan for delays. Slow down. Keep your cool.

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Project Photos

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Project Videos

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