Previous versions of motor fuel tax and carbon tax forms

The previous versions of forms are listed below. Previous versions of forms are the result of tax rate changes. If you don’t see the form you are looking for, contact us by email at

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You can identify which tax the return applies to by the title:

  • MFT = Motor Fuel Tax only
  • CT = Carbon Tax only

Tax returns

Generic Motor Fuel Tax Return

FIN 105 - Registered Air Service or Marine Service Carbon Tax Return (CT)

FIN 106 - Natural Gas Retail Dealers Carbon Tax Return (CT)

FIN 112 - Self Assessors Carbon Tax Return (CT)

FIN 175 - Collector Carbon Tax Return (CT)

FIN 176 - Registered Consumer Carbon Tax Return (CT)

FIN 360 - International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Quarterly Tax Return (MFT)

FIN 427 - South Coast British Columbia Transportation Tax Return (MFT)

FIN 450 - British Columbia Transit (Victoria) Motor Fuel Tax Return (MFT)

FIN 451 - Natural Gas Consumed by Stationary Internal Combustion Engines Motor Fuel Tax Return

Inventory returns

FIN 103 - Carbon Tax Inventory Return (CT)

Refund applications

FIN 108 - Purchaser of Fuel Carbon Tax Refund Application (CT)

FIN 143 - Deputy Collector or Retail Dealer Carbon Tax Refund Application (CT)

FIN 171 - Non-Registered Air or Marine Carbon Tax Refund Application (CT)