Waiver of assessment period for logging tax

Publication date: September 29, 2021

We may assess or reassess your return within five years of the date on the original assessment for a taxation year. 

However, the five-year assessment period doesn’t apply, and you can be assessed or reassessed tax at any time, if you:

  • Never filed the tax return
  • Made a misrepresentation or committed fraud in filing the tax return or providing information
  • Filed a waiver within 5 years of the date of the original assessment for the taxation year

You may choose to voluntarily extend the five-year assessment period in connection with specific issue(s):

  • To allow enough time for an adequate resolution of an audit
  • To improve the accuracy of an assessment by allowing additional time for further discussion and collection of information before an assessment is issued

Once you waive the assessment period, we may assess or reassess tax until 6 months after the waiver has been revoked.

Waive the assessment period

To waive the assessment period, complete the Waiver of Assessment Period (FIN 192) (PDF, 80KB). You or your authorized representative (PDF, 260KB) must sign and file the completed form within the five-year assessment period.

You can send the form by:

  • Email
  • Mail
    Ministry of Finance
    Income Taxation Branch
    PO Box 9444 STN Prov Govt
    Victoria B.C. V8W 9W8
  • Courier
    Ministry of Finance
    Income Taxation Branch
    1st Floor 1802 Douglas Street
    Victoria B.C. V8T 4K6

Revoke the waiver

To revoke the waiver, complete the Notice of Revocation of Waiver (FIN 194) (PDF, 80KB). You can send the form by:

The notice of revocation will take effect six months after the date it’s filed. The notice cannot be cancelled once it has been filed.