Request a refund for insurance premium tax

If any part of the premium is refunded as a result of cancellation or other revision of the contract, you may request a refund of the tax.

How you request a refund depends on if you:

Purchasers of insurance

To request a refund you need to file an amended Return of Unlicensed Insurance (FIN 521). Ensure the policy number and contract start date match the original tax return and provide:

  • An explanation outlining the part of the premium refunded as a result of the change to the contract

  • A copy of the declaration page of the cancelled or revised contract

Insurance agents

You may request a refund on behalf of your clients. To request a refund you need to provide:

You can submit your request for a refund on its own, or with a batch of Returns of Unlicensed Insurance. If you submit it with a batch of returns, you can net the amount of the refund against another purchaser's tax payable so you only pay the difference when you file.

Submit your request: