Waiver of Interest & Penalties

You may request a waiver of interest and penalties if they were caused by circumstances beyond your control or our actions, such as:

  • disasters, such as flood or fire

  • civil disturbances or disruptions in services, such as a postal strike

  • serious illness or accident

  • a delay in our process caused you to not be informed within a reasonable time that an amount was owing

  • an error in information we provided caused you to file a return or make payment(s) incorrectly

  • there was a delay in our ability to make the information you needed to file a return or make a payment available to you

Request a Waiver

To request a waiver, you or your authorized representative need to write a letter and provide the following information:

You can send your request and supporting documents for the waiver by:

  • Email

  • Mailing Address
    Ministry of Finance
    Income Taxation Branch
    PO Box 9444 STN Prov Govt
    Victoria B.C. V8W 9W8

  • Courier Address
    Ministry of Finance
    Income Taxation Branch
    1802 Douglas Street
    Victoria B.C. V8T 4K6

When your request is reviewed, the following facts will also be considered when we make our decision:

  • your compliance history
  • if you exercised a reasonable amount of due care and weren’t negligent or careless
  • if you acted quickly to remedy any delay or omission