September 14, 2021 - B.C. Permits the Use of Electronic Raffle Systems on eligible Class B Licences

The Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (GPEB) has expanded the ability to use Electronic Raffle Systems (ERS) for eligible Class B ticket raffle licences effective September 14, 2021.

Eligible organizations are permitted to use ERS on a Class A or B licence to conduct their ticket raffles. Licensees are authorized to use the following certified electronic services when offered by a registered service provider:

  1. Online Ticket Sales: To sell tickets through the Internet by way of a real time processing and payment system where the purchaser’s ticket is paid for and delivered immediately online.
  2. Online Ticket Distribution: To send a purchaser a ticket by email or through the internet and where the purchaser downloads a copy of the ticket.
  3. Electronic Ticket Draw: To determine a prize winner by conducting an electronic draw using computer software or a computer application that utilizes a GPEB certified software random number generator (RNG).
  4. Online Prize Distribution: To send a winner a prize voucher by email or online and where the prize winner downloads a voucher or gift certificate for redemption in cases where the prizes are suitable for online distribution and each prize is worth $2,500 or less.
  5. Raffle Sales Unit (RSU): A GPEB approved unit for ticket sales which comprised of a combination of hardware and/or software provided by the gaming services provider and configured to operate as a point of sale that generates and prints or delivers raffle tickets.

Licensees may apply to use an ERS by selecting the ERS option within the online application and submitting the required documents, which include an addendum (PDF) and the contract with their service provider via email to

As part of the updated Licensed Charitable Gaming Rules (PDF) (the Rules) effective September 14, 2021, there are now ERS specific ticket requirements.

For more information please see the Electronic Raffle System FAQ (PDF).

If you have questions about these changes, please contact GPEB: