November 6, 2017 - Update to the Gaming Event Licensing Guidelines and Standards for firearms as prizes

In January 2017, the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (GPEB) initiated a comprehensive review of B.C.’s gaming event licensing standards and guidelines framework. The review involved an analysis of provincial and national licensing requirements, identifying opportunities for improvements, and updating all standards, procedures, guidelines and licensing processes.

A consultation process was also completed with the charitable sector eligible to be licensed under the Gaming Control Act and Regulations in B.C. to obtain their input and recommendations for enhancing their experience with the licensing application process. 

As a result of the review and consultation process recommendations for improvement have been made including to the verification framework for firearms as prizes on a provincially licensed event. Effective November 6, 2017 GPEB will require licensees to:

  1. Complete a Restricted Prizes form and submit it with the licensing application. This form will be used to confirm:
    1. The firearm being used as the event prize is non-restricted as defined by the Criminal Code of Canada and other relevant federal legislation.
    2. The non-restricted firearm being used as a prize was acquired through an authorized firearms dealer in Canada.
    3. The non-restricted firearm will be appropriately retained and controlled by an individual who possesses a valid Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) for the purpose of transferring the non-restricted firearm to the prize winner.
    4. The prize winner’s PAL will be inspected and verified with the Canadian Firearms Program prior to transferring the prize.
  2. Ensure participants are informed of the requirements they must meet in order to win the prize prior to participating in the gaming event.
  3. Record and retain for audit purposes the prize winner’s name, PAL number, PAL class and expiry date.

Quick Facts:

  • Charitable organizations in B.C. identified through consultation their support of ensuring the public’s safety through the firearms verification process.   
  • These changes to GPEB’s verification of non-restricted firearms as prizes framework, strengthen B.C.’s alignment with national standards and promotes an increased focus on the integrity of gambling and public safety.
  • More information about the Licensing Guidelines and Standards Review will be made available in the coming weeks. 

Learn More:

Restricted Prizes - Required information for non-restricted firearms as prizes form (PDF)

Canadian Firearms Program 1(800) 731-4000 toll free for Canada and the United States

Inquiries about these changes can be directed to: or 250-387-5311