Becoming a Child Protection Mediator

In order to practice as a child protection mediator in British Columbia, qualified mediators must be on a specialized roster, which is managed by the Child Protection Mediation Program of the Ministry of Justice.


The following are the basic qualifications for child protection mediators:

Training and Education Requirements

  • 80 hours of core education in conflict resolution, mediation theory, and skills training (40 hours specifically on mediation, including 10 hours of simulated, or role play, mediation under direct supervision)
  • 100 additional hours of related training in dispute resolution or in a related field. A related field will be interpreted to include substantive professional disciplines such as law, social work, and psychology, or any other discipline involving a significant element of negotiation, communication skills, conflict management, etc.
  • 15 hours per year of ongoing professional development and continuing education, defined to include courses, conferences, workshops, coaching, mentoring or supervising mediation trainees.

Experience Prerequisites

  • Completion of a minimum number of mediation sessions as a primary mediator or sole mediator such as described below:
    • 10 fee-paid private mediations, or
    • 10 mediations in a structured setting under the auspices of an accepted mediation organization, or
    • 10 mediations in a fully supervised and
    • accepted practicum, or
    • A combination of any of the above mediations which total 10 or more

Preference may be given to applicants with child protection mediation and family mediation experience.

Additional Knowledge and Experience

Demonstrated knowledge and experience related to:

  • Child welfare
  • Aboriginal context
  • Mental health/addictions
  • Domestic Violence

The Selection Process

The Ministry of Justice Child Protection Mediation Program will from time to time recruit qualified mediators to provide child protection mediation services in specified communities and areas of the province.

Qualified people who successfully complete the selection process, as well as some orientation training, may be assigned to the Child Protection Mediation Program roster on contract for these specialized mediation services.

To find out how to apply, contact the Child Protection Mediation Program.