Growing cannabis at home

Growing cannabis plants at home is legal. Adults 19+ can grow up to four non-medical cannabis plants per household. These plants cannot be grown in a space that is visible from a public place, like parks, streets, sidewalks, sports fields, and K-12 school properties. For example, you can grow plants on your balcony, or in your yard, as long as they’re not visible from a public place.

Growing cannabis at home is banned in homes used as licensed child care.

Landlords and strata corporations can further restrict or prohibit growing non-medical cannabis on their properties.

Local and Indigenous government can also further restrict growing non-medical cannabis at home under existing powers to establish bylaws.

For more information, see Growing non-medical cannabis at home in British Columbia (PDF, 726KB).

Cannabis plants are susceptible to many pests including insects, mites, fungi and bacteria. The way you treat cannabis plants will be different from the way you care for other houseplants due to the fact the plant may be inhaled or ingested. It is recommended that you carefully consider which pest control strategy you choose, as some may impact your health. Learn more by reading these Integrated Pest Management Program fact sheets:

Resources for growing non-medical cannabis at home in B.C.: