Fire Safety

The Office of the Fire Commissioner is a leader in fire safety awareness and prevention in British Columbia.

It has earned the trust of British Columbians by offering:

  • Progressive advice about fire safety
  • Innovative recommendations about fire prevention
  • Collaborative communication with the fire services in the province

In addition, the Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC):

  • Advises provincial government agencies on broad fire safety issues
  • Is a liaison between the provincial government and the fire service providing advice on all fire safety and prevention matters
  • Reviews and monitors a broad scope fire safety issues throughout B.C. to ensure that consistent advice and recommendations are provided to the public to increase fire safety awareness

Fire Service Advisors

Fire Service Advisors are located in regions throughout the Province and provide the following services:

  • Represent the Fire Commissioner at the regional level and making presentations at meetings and seminars
  • Enforcement of the Fire Services Act throughout British Columbia
  • Advice and recommendations to fire departments, police, ministries, local government and the public in regards to fire related matters.
  • Inquiries relating to the British Columbia Fire and Building Codes
  • Fire investigation assistance for LAFC, coroner, or the police, as per OFC Request for Assistance Bulletin
  • Assistance to Local Assistants to the Fire Commissioner (LAFC) in carrying out in fire prevention and enforcement duties
  • Expert testimony of fire cause determination during legal proceedings