Fire Safety

The Office of the Fire Commissioner is a leader in fire safety and prevention in British Columbia.

The Office provides:

  • Progressive advice about fire safety;
  • Innovative recommendations about fire prevention; 
  • Support through collaboration with the fire service;
  • Advice to provincial government agencies on broad fire safety issues;
  • Advice on all fire safety and prevention matters by being a liaison between the provincial government and the fire service; and 
  • Consistent advice and recommendations to the public to increase fire safety awareness by reviewing and monitoring a broad scope of fire safety issues.

Fire Service Advisors

Fire Service Advisors provide the following services in regions throughout the province:

  • Represent the Fire Commissioner at the regional level and making presentations at meetings and seminars
  • Enforce the Fire Services Act throughout British Columbia
  • Advice and recommendations to fire departments, police, ministries, local government and the public
  • Answer inquiries relating to the British Columbia Fire and Building Codes
  • Fire investigation assistance for Local Assistants to the Fire Commissioner (LAFC), coroner or police, as per OFC Request for Assistance Bulletin
  • Assistance to LAFCs in carrying out in fire prevention and enforcement duties
  • Expert testimony of fire cause determination during legal proceedings