Criminal Records Review Program online services

There are two online service streams available through the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP):

These services provide organizations a convenient option for facilitating the criminal record check process. Both online services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Applicant-Based Online Service (eCRC)

The eCRC online service is available for employer and volunteer organizations that have registered with the CRRP. Enrollment into the eCRC may be selected while enrolling an organization or at a later date through the Organization  Account Information Update Process.

Once an organization receives confirmation of their enrollment in the eCRC online service, a specific access code will be issued to the organization. The access code is to be given to applicants and enables them to access the online service portal. The code never expires and also allows for the sharing of criminal record check results. However, the code can be changed at any time upon the request of the organization.

The access code is not to be posted publicly. This will prevent members of the public from applying to your organization without any initial contact with an Authorized Contact person.

For more information, please see the eCRC Online Service Walk-through Guide.

Organization-Based Online Service (BCeID)

The BCeID online service is for organizations that have a BCeID account or an IDIR ID (internal government) account.

The organization generates an individual code for each applicant which may only be used once within a two week period and does not allow for the sharing of criminal record check results.

If you have a BCeID or an IDIR ID (internal government) and are authorized to access the online system, you may sign in below.

For information on the organization based online service, download the following files:

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