Protecting Youth Identity

One aspect that sets the youth criminal justice system apart is that information about the identity of a youth who is a victim, witness, accused or found guilty of committing a crime can only be published by the media in certain circumstances.

Protecting your identity helps you adjust back into the community once you complete your sentence. Even while your record is open, only certain people can access it.

However, there are exceptions to the rule. Your identity may be made public:

  • If you receive an adult sentence
  • If you are over 18, no longer in custody and agree the information can be made public
  • To assist police in locating and arresting a youth charged with an indictable offence who is believed to be a danger to others (court approval is required)
  • In extraordinary circumstances, where the court makes an order to notify specific individuals if they are at risk of serious harm
  • The youth court judge may also order that your identity could be published, even if you receive a youth sentence,if you have been found guilty of a violent offence