Indigenous Policing in British Columbia

RCMP and municipal police throughout British Columbia are committed to supporting diverse cultural communities and managing initiatives and programs for Aboriginal policing.

Indigenous Policing Program

The First Nations Policing Program, announced in June 1991 by the federal government, gives Indigenous communities the opportunity to participate with provincial and federal governments in developing dedicated policing services within their communities. The policy is designed to give Indigenous communities greater control over delivery and management of policing services

Currently, 124 police members provide enhanced service to 141 Indigenous communities in B.C. The services ensure Indigenous communities receive community policing services that are culturally sensitive and responsive to their particular needs. They are intended to improve the level of policing services normally provided by RCMP. Police officers providing enhanced services spend 100 per cent of their time on policing needs of Indigenous communities.

Indigenous Policing and Reconciliation

Throughout Canadian history, the RCMP played a significant role in shaping Canada's relationship with Indigenous peoples. Visit the RCMP's Indigenous policing and reconciliation pages to learn more about how it is acknowledging and learning from the past, evaluating its current actions, and collaborating with Indigenous communities, peoples and employees for the future.

Municipal Policing

Some municipal police departments have policies and programs to assist Aboriginal people. At the Vancouver Police Department, for example, the Diversity and Indigenous Relations Section works with specific communities that have significant public safety issues.