Elder Abuse and Neglect

Abuse and neglect of older adults can happen to anyone who depends on the care of others. Older adults can be the victim of abuse by their adult child, a caregiver, friend or anyone in a position of trust or authority. 

Abuse and neglect of takes many different forms: physical, sexual, emotional and financial. Older adults with disabilities are at greater risk for abuse and may have a harder time reporting what is happening and asking for help.

Help is Available

If you or an older adult you know is being abused, help is available. To learn more, see Abuse and Neglect of Older Adults and Understanding and Responding to Elder Abuse by Victim Services and Crime Prevention (Ministry of Attorney General) or call your local police or VictimLinkBC for information.

In addition, you can contact Seniors First BC for help. It works to:

  • Protect the legal rights of older adults
  • Increase access to justice for older adults
  • Inform the public about elder abuse
  • Support older adults who have been abused