Alternative Measures

Last updated on June 8, 2021

Alternative measures provides you with the opportunity to have charges against you dealt with outside the court process. You must accept personal responsibility for your behaviour and agree to make amends.

You may be considered for alternative measures if:

  • The charge against you is a minor one
  • It is your first offence
  • You admit that you are responsible
  • You apologize for what you did

Alternative Measures Programs

Alternative measures programs are managed by a community corrections (probation) office. If the Crown counsel agrees to recommend you for alternative measures and the community corrections (probation) office accepts you for this option, you have to take agreed-upon steps to repair the harm done. 

Alternative measures may include:

  • Compensation for the loss or damage
  • An apology
  • Community service work
  • Culturally-based practices for Indigenous people

For example, if you are charged with mischief for breaking a neighbour’s window, you may be required to pay for the window and write a letter of apology to the neighbour. If the agreed-to steps are taken, the charge will be withdrawn against you. You will not have a criminal record.

More Information

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