Consequences of a Criminal Record

As an accused, you could receive a criminal record. This section provides information about criminal record and how it could impact you.

Criminal Record

A criminal record may be created for anyone over 12 police allege has committed a crime or who has been convicted of a criminal offence. 

A criminal record documents your contact or involvement with the criminal justice system, starting with police. Criminal records are kept in central computer systems most police agencies across Canada can use. 

How a Conviction Can Hurt You

Sometimes, long-term effects can result from having a criminal conviction. If you are convicted of a criminal offence or found guilty but not convicted, you may be restricted from some activities. For example, you may not be permitted to travel to another country, such as the United States. To learn more, see Your Criminal Record (Adult Offender).

Court Records

Court Records are public and not the same as your criminal record. To learn more, see Court Records.

Youth Records

For more information about youth records, see Youth Records.

More Information

For more information about criminal records and criminal record checks, visit: