2013 Judges Compensation Commission

The Judges Compensation Commission was appointed every three years under the Judicial Compensation Act.

The 2013 commission's members were:

  • Simon Margolis, QC (chair)
  • Randy Kaardal
  • Kirsten Tisdale
  • Robin McFee, QC
  • Roy Stuart

It considered changes to salaries and benefits for provincial court judges for the years 2014/15 through 2016/17.

The commission received submissions from government, provincial court judges and other interested parties before it made recommendations to the attorney general and the chief judge of the provincial court.

2015 amendments to the Judicial Compensation Act merges the Judges Compensation Commission with the Judicial Justices Compensation Commission to create a single Judicial Compensation Commission that will continue to report every three years.

The next commission will be appointed in March 2016.