Industry and User Information

Fossil Occurrence Database

The Fossil Occurrence Database provides spatial information on the distribution of fossil sites in British Columbia. A fossil site is a location where there are preserved remains, traces or imprints of organisms from the geological past.

Maintained by the BC Fossil Management Office, the database displays information such as site description, taxonomic data, site geology, fossil information, and reports. This information is provided to allow industry, professional paleontologists and geologists, First Nations, and government users to make informed decisions regarding land use planning and protection of fossil resources (see Fossil Protection).

Users may obtain access to the Fossil Occurrence Database by submitting a completed Fossil Information Sharing Agreement.

Authorized users may access the fossil occurrence information through the Fossil Resources Web Map

Tools and Guidelines

The BC Fossil Management Office maintains several documents which provide advice and assistance on policies and best practices to follow when planning around fossil resources.