Boreal Caribou

British Columbia has set aside over 500,000 hectares of identified boreal caribou habitat in “resource review areas (RRAs)” within which the province will not be accepting new natural gas and petroleum tenure requests for a minimum period of five years.  The RRAs are shown on the attached maps and shapefile.

Northeastern British Columbia encompasses the western extent of boreal caribou in Canada.  This sub-species of ‘woodland caribou’ is listed as threatened in British Columbia and is a Priority 1 species for action under the BC Conservation Framework.

The RRAs will be revisited after five years when the effectiveness of caribou population management measures and population assessments are better understood.  Government will collaborate on this step with First Nations, industry and stakeholders.

Information bulletin

Boreal_Caribou_RRA (PDF)

Boreal_Caribou_RRA_A (PDF)

Boreal_Caribou_RRA_B (PDF)

Boreal_Caribou_RRA_C (PDF)

Boreal_Caribou_RRA_D (PDF)

Boreal_Caribou_RRA_shapefile (ZIP file)