Northeastern B.C. Basin

Last updated on March 3, 2016

The northeastern region of the province has been a focus of petroleum exploration and development since 1952. Its 194,000 square kilometres include the northern foothills of the Rocky Mountains and the northwestern part of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB).

More than 18,000 wells have been drilled to date. About 607 billion cubic metres (21.6 trillion cubic feet [Tcf]) of marketable natural gas remain to be discovered. The BC foothills and deeper plays, in particular, hold potential for significant additional gas reserves. Up to 23.1 million cubic metres (145 million barrels) of recoverable oil either remain undiscovered or will be recovered using improved recovery techniques. The productability of a major undeveloped CBG resource (conservatively estimated to be 60 Tcf) in the Northeast is being evaluated by several producers. 


  1. Northeastern B.C. Geology Cross Section 
    Diagrammatic Southwest to Northeastern Geologic section through Northeastern B.C. 
  2. Correlation Chart Model  
    Stratigraphic Correlation Chart: Northeastern B.C. and adjacent areas 
  3. Oil and Gas Fields in NE British Columbia
    Map of wells, oil fields, gas fields and overlap fields in Northeastern B.C.


Conventional Natural Gas Play Atlas, Northeast British Columbia 
This conventional natural gas play atlas is a companion to the joint NEB/MEMPR report entitled Northeast British Columbia's Ultimate Potential for Conventional Natural Gas. It contains a description of both established and conceptual plays, including play area maps, cross sections, annual production charts and official gas in place tables. It provides a framework for the assessment process and provides a reference point for future analysis.

     Part 1       Part 2      Part 3    (PDFs)


A promotional brochure on deep gas potential in Northeast British Columbia. This is a summary of Ministry of Energy and Mines' Petroleum Geology Open File 2003-4 "Exploration Assessment of Deep Devonian Gas Plays, Northeast British Columbia".