Exploration Assessment of Tight Gas Plays, Northeastern British Columbia, by Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd.

Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd. undertook an assessment of “tight gas” production and exploration potential in British Columbia in early 2003, for the British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines, Resource Development Division. This report summarizes the project, and addresses several key areas:

• Definition of tight gas, and overview of its history and recent development in British Columbia;
• Geology and reservoir characteristics of major tight gas units in B.C.;
• Analysis of future exploration and development potential;
• Comparison with analogue basins;
• Application of current exploitation strategies, including modern drilling and completions technologies,
  to exploit tight gas reservoirs.
This project is a regional overview for the purpose of assessing tight gas potential and highlighting opportunities. Isopach maps have been generated by direct interpretation of well logs from selected wells, to show regional patterns. Test,
production, and reserves data are derived from commercial databases and government documents; we have not examined individual well records for this information.

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Introduction ( 1MB)

Geological Review of Tight Gas Reservoir Units ( 23MB) RAR 1 2 3

Exploration Analysis ( 27MB)

Analogue Basins and Plays ( 23MB)

Exploitation Strategies for Tight Gas Reservoirs ( 29MB)

References ( 23MB)

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Appendix 2 Core Photographs ( 26MB) RAR 1 2 3

Appendix 3 Photomicrographs ( 13MB)

Appendix 4 Petrography Table ( 23MB)

Appendix 5 AppleCoreTM Core Descriptions ( 2MB)

Stratigraphic Cross-Section ( 44MB) RAR 1 2 3 4

Situation Maps ( 24MB) RAR 1 2 3

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