Petroleum Geology Open File 2002-1

Vitrinite and Bitumen Reflectance Data and Preliminary Organic Maturity Model for the northern two thirds of the Bowser and Sustut Basins, north-central British Columbia

By Evenchick, C.A.; Hayes, M.C.; Buddell, K.A.; and Osadetz, K.G.

PGOF 2002-1 (PDF, 6.1MB)
PGOF 2002-1 MAP (PDF, 5MB)
This open file presents interim results of a new collaborative project between the Geological Survey of Canada and the British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines.  The purpose of the project is to provide new data and resource models relevant to the petroleum resource potential of the Bowser and Sustut basins, and to use these to calculate improved petroleum resource assessments of these basins.  Previous work identified a significant petroleum potential in this region while recognizing that there are several poorly understood, but significant risks (Hannigan et al., 1995).  These risks give rise to concerns about reservoir quality and petroleum accumulation and preservation.  It is essential to re-evaluate existing resource estimates by considering new stratigraphic and tectonic models and determining if the physical environment, primarily temperature, and the temporal relationships among hydrocarbon generation, migration, entrapment and preservation, are conductive for the existence of a major undiscovered petroleum resource in this region.  Comparing the thermal character and history of potential petrolum source rocks and associated strata in the Bowser Basin to the diagenetic and tectonic history of potential secondary migration pathways and reservoirs will facilitate identification of regions and strata most prospective for petroleum exploration.  The integration of these data, models and interpretations into the updated stratigraphic and structural framework will improve petroleum resource assessments and assist explorers dedicated to the goal of transforming a significant, but unproven, potential into a robust and economical source of petroleum supply and regional employment.
The purpose of this interim report is to release thermal maturity and reflectance data of the northern two thirds of the Bowser and Sustut basins on a geological map base of the basins.  Future work on the thermal maturity aspect of the project will:  1) include additional samples to fill large gaps in data; 2) incorporate previously published data sets; and 3) integrate and interpret these data in the context of the structural and thermal histories of the region.
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