Geoscience Report 2004

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Title Author Size
Sand and Gravel Mapping in Northeast British Columbia using Airborne Electromagnetic Surveying Methods Best, M.E., Levson, V.M and McConnell, D (1.86 MB PDF)
Hydrocarbon Source Rock Potential as determined by Rock-Eval VI/TOC Pyrolysis, Northeast British Columbia and Northwest Alberta Ibrahimgas, A. and Riediger, C. (.14 MB PDF)
Quaternary Geology and Aggregate Potential of the Fort Nelson Airport Area Johnsen, T., Ferbey, T., Levson, V.M. and Kerr, B. (7.83 MB PDF)
Quaternary Geology and Aggregate Mapping in Northeast British Columbia: Applications for Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Levson, V.M., Ferbey, T., Kerr, B., Johnsen, T., Bednarski, J., Smith, R., Blackwell, J. and Jonnes, S. (1.51 MB PDF)
The CBM Resource of some Prospective Areas of the Crowsnest Coalfield Ryan, B. (5.75 MB PDF)
A Note on the Market Potential of Low-Volatile Bituminous Coal, Willow Creek Property, Northeastern British Columbia Ryan, B., Todoschuk, T., and Lane, B. (.74 MB PDF)
Interior Basins Strategy Hayes, M., Ferri, F., and Morii, S. (.22 MB PDF)
Qualitative Interpretation of Potential Field Profiles: Southern Nechako Basin Best, M.E. (1.58 MB PDF)
Thermal Maturity in the Central Whitehorse Trough, Northwest British Columbia English, J.M., Fowler, M., Johnston, S.T., Mihalynuk, M.G. and Wight, K.L. (.69 MB PDF)
Petroleum Source Rock Potential of Lower to Middle Jurassic Clastics, Intermontane Basins, British Columbia Ferri, F., Osadetz, K. and Evenchick C. (1.76 MB PDF)
Sterane Compositional Traits of Bowser and Sustut Basin Crude Oils: Indications for Three Effective Petroleum Systems Osadetz, K.G., Jiang, C., Evenchick, C.A., Ferri, F., Stasiuk, L.D. Wilson, N.S.F. and Hayes, M. (.57 MB PDF)
Structural Relationship Between the Laberge Group and Sinwa Formation on Copper Island, Southern Atlin Lake, Northwest British Columbia Wight, K.L., English, J.M. and Johnston, S.T. (1.2 MB PDF)
Unique Aspects of British Columbia CBM Geology: Influences on Produceability Ryan, B. (.99 MB PDF)
The Potential for CO2 Sequestration in British Columbia Coal Seams Ryan, B. and Richardson, D. (.90 MB PDF)
Ultramafic Rocks in British Columbia: Delineating Targets for Mineral Sequestration of CO2 Voormeij, D.A. and Simandl, G.J. (4.84 MB PDF)