Royalty Deduction Submission

The Producer's request for release of a royalty deduction for an approved and constructed infrastructure project must be submitted within six months from the completion date of the project, as outlined in the Project Agreement.

To request the release, the Producer must include copies of all completed Schedule B documents and the original signed Statutory Declaration form and cover letter. Please see below for the format and/or template for each of these documents.

Note: The documents must be submitted in hard copy (courier) and electronic copy (email) to the Administrator.

  1. Royalty Submission Cover Letter (DOCX, 17.5KB)
    • Cover letter must include all information as noted in the template file.
    • Submit in PDF format.
  2. Statutory Declaration of Completion (PDF, 105KB)
    • Provide confirmation the project has been constructed as per terms of the Project Agreement.
    • The document must be notarized.
    • Submit original notarized hard copy and in PDF format.
  3. Summary of Final As-Built Costs (XLSX, 18KB)
    • Provide a summary of all final eligible construction costs per the project/step(s) as compared to the estimated cost.
    • Submit in PDF format.
  4. Detailed List of Invoices (XLSX, 23KB)
    • Provide a detailed list of all eligible as-built costs for the project.
    • Must follow the general layout as shown in the Schedule.
    • Submit in XLSX format.
  5. Well Information for Royalty Deduction (XLSX, 17KB)
    • Well information for all project wells that are currently drilling or on production.
    • Also include future wells to be drilled or on production over the next two fiscal periods.
    • Submit in XLSX format.
  6. Road Layout & Design (road project only) (DOCX, 19KB)
    • Provide the as-built information for a completed road project.
    • Submit in PDF format.
  7. Special Equipment, Inventory or Services (if applicable) (DOCX, 18KB)
    • Fill in this form for each goods or service purchased prior to the start date of this Project.
    • The goods and services purchased must qualify as eligible costs under the IRCP and be relevant to the Project.
    • Submit in PDF format.
  8. True copy of "Leave to Open" for the Project from the Oil and Gas Commission or a "Leave to Open" granted by the National Energy Board.
    • Provide evidence of a "Leave to Open" for the Project from the Oil and Gas Commission granted pursuant to the Oil and Gas Activities Act, or a "Leave to Open" granted by the National Energy Board pursuant to section 47 of the National Energy Board Act.
    • Submit in PDF format.

 For further information on the Royalty Deduction Submission requirements, please refer to the Project Agreement or contact the IRCP Project Manager.