Infrastructure Royalty Credit Program

The Infrastructure Royalty Credit program encourages new capital investment in oil and natural gas infrastructure beyond what would occur otherwise. The program creates and sustains good paying jobs for British Columbians and stimulates new royalty revenue.

Through the Infrastructure Royalty Credit Program, oil and gas companies can apply for a deduction to the royalties they would otherwise pay to the Province under a competitive Request for Applications process. This deduction can be as much as 50 per cent of the cost of building roads or pipelines that are approved under the program.

Request for Applications (RFA) for 2018 - Closed

The British Columbia Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources requested applications from companies in the oil and gas industry to participate under the 2018 Infrastructure Royalty Credit Program. The application period has now closed.

Issue Date: February 9, 2018
Closing Date: April 12, 2018

RFA documents and instructions for submitting your 2018 application(s)

1. Infrastructure RFA Documents:

a) IRCP RFA 2018 (PDF, 254KB)

b) IRCP RFA 2018 Guidance Document (PDF, 263KB)

c) IRCP RFA 2018 Questions and Answers (PDF, 98KB)

2. Infrastructure RFA Response Templates:

a) RFA Response Template 2018 (DOCX, 80KB)

b) RFA Response Template 2018 - Schedule (XLSX, 314KB)

c) RFA Response Template 2018 - Drilling, Production and Royalty Estimates Table (XLSX, 179KB)

d) RFA Response Template 2018 - Shapefiles (ZIP, 6KB)

3. Sample Project Agreement Templates:

a) Pipeline Agreement (PDF, 392KB)

b) Road Agreement (PDF, 391KB)

c) Road and Pipeline Agreement (PDF, 411KB)

d) Producer and Pipeline Company Agreement (PDF, 398KB)

Please visit this webpage regularly for any updates.

Release of Royalty Deductions for Approved Projects

Once a project has been approved and completed, the company must then apply for release of the royalty deduction. Instructions and template files for requesting the royalty deduction for an approved project can be found here: