Infrastructure Royalty Credit Program

Through the Infrastructure Royalty Credit Program, oil and gas companies can apply for a credit to the royalties they would otherwise pay to the Province. This credit can be as much as 50 per cent of the cost of building roads or pipelines.   

The purposes of the program are to:

  • Facilitate increased oil and gas exploration and production in underdeveloped areas
  • Extend the drilling season to allow for year-round activity

Between 2004 and 2016, British Columbia’s Infrastructure Royalty Credit Program has been offered through 15 different installments to oil and gas companies, resulting in more than 230 new or upgraded all-season roads and pipeline projects in British Columbia.

Request for Applications (RFA) for 2017

The British Columbia Ministry of Natural Gas Development is requesting applications from companies in the oil and gas industry to participate under the 2017 Infrastructure Royalty Credit Program for submission of applications during the following dates:

Issue Date: March 2, 2017
Closing Date: April 21, 2017

RFA documents and instructions for submitting your 2017 application(s)

1. Infrastructure RFA Documents:

a. Infrastructure RFA 2017 (PDF, 696KB)

2. Request for Application Documents:

a. Checklist for Submitting RFA Documents (Word, 28KB)
b. RFA Cover Page (Word, 63KB)
c. Infrastructure RFA Template 2017 (Word, 100KB)
d. Proposed Construction Schedule (Excel, 34KB)
e. Drilling, Production and Royalty Estimates Table (Excel, 187KB)

3. Sample Project Agreement Templates:

a. Pipeline Agreement (PDF, 266KB)
b. Road Agreement (PDF, 540KB)
c. Road and Pipeline Agreement (PDF, 642KB)
d. Producer and Pipeline Company Agreement (PDF, 585KB)

4.  Infrastructure RFA Guidance Document and Q&As (Information and documents to assist in the application process.)

a. Infrastructure RFA 2017 Guidance Document (PDF, 480KB)
b. Questions and Answers Document RFA 2017 (PDF, 133KB)

Please visit this webpage regularly for any updates.

  • Update - Document: 2e Drilling, Production and Royalty Estimates Table was updated March 16, 2017

Royalty Deduction Submission for Approved Infrastructure Royalty Credit Projects

If your project was approved and developed under a previous installment of the program, please use the project completion templates required for the Royalty Deduction Submission, available here: