Help Guide - MTO Event Codes - Mineral Titles

Type Description
ABAN Abandonment
AMAL Amalgamation
APRF Agent Profile Management
BSLC Transfer of Ownership (Bill of Sale Completion)
BSLI Transfer of Ownership (Bill of Sale Initiation)
CAME Claim Amendment
CANC Cancellation
CEXT Claim Registration (Acquisition)
CIL Payment Instead of Work
COMP Complaint
CONV Claim Conversion
DEMI Demised to Lease
ECI Edit Client Information
ECUM Registration of Documents
FORF Forfeiture
GPSC GPS Correction
INSP Inspection
LAME Lease Amendment
LAPP Lease Application
LEXT Lease Extension
LISS Lease Issuance
LPAY Lease Rental Payment
LTEX Lease Expiry
L_ABAN MiDA Abandonment
L_APPL MiDA Application
L_CAD MiDA Common Anniversary Date
L_CAME MiDA Claim Amendment
L_CANC MiDA Cancellation
L_CAPP MiDA Claim Application
L_CIL MiDA Cash in Lieu
L_COMP MiDA Complaint
L_DEMI MiDA Demised to Lease
L_ECUM MiDA Encumbrance
L_FORF MiDA Forfeiture
L_GPSC MiDA GPS Correction
L_INC MiDA Included
L_INCL MiDA Inclusion
L_INSP MiDA Inspection
L_LAME MiDA Lease Amendment
L_LAPP MiDA Lease Application
L_LEXT MiDA Lease Extension
L_LISS MiDA Lease Issuance
L_LNOI MiDA Notice of Intention to Apply for a Lease
L_LPAY MiDA Lease Payment
L_LTEX MiDA Lease Expiry
L_MTRA MiDA Miscellaneous Transfer
L_NTG MiDA Notice to Group
L_OTRA MiDA Ownership Transfer (Bill of Sale)
L_PROT MiDA Protection
L_REDU MiDA Reduction
L_REFU MiDA Refusal
L_REIN MiDA Reinstatement
L_SURR MiDA Lease Surrender
L_SURV MiDA Survey
L_TERM MiDA Terminated
L_VER MiDA GPS Some Posts
L_WTRA MiDA Work Credit Transfer
MTRA Miscellaneous Transfer
OTRA Ownership Transfer
PROT Protection
REDU Reduction
REFU Refusal
REIN Reinstatement
SOW Exploration and Development Work / Expiry Date Change
SOWS33 Admin. Statement of Work (Section 33)
SOWU Claim Exploration and Development Work (SOW) - Upload Report
SUBD Subdivision
SURR Lease Surrender
SURV Survey
TAME Tenure Amendment
TERM Terminated
TORR Tenure Overlap Report Request
TRAN Transition for Converting Placer Leases into Legacy Placer Claims
VER GPS Some Posts
WTRA Work Credit Transfer