New Client to Mineral Titles Online

Not everyone needs to logon to Mineral Titles Online (MTO).

The map viewers, title/owner search, and reserves (sites) search are all available to the general public.  You do not need log onto MTO in order to view this data and information. ​ Anyone wishing to acquire and maintain a mineral or placer title will require access to MTO.

If this is you, you will need to become a "free miner”. 

You will need both:

A valid FMC is required to acquire a mineral or placer title, whether by registering a new cell claim or applying for a lease, or by purchasing all or a partial interest in an existing claim or lease from another recorded holder.  A valid FMC is also required by the recorded holder of a mineral or placer claim at the time that exploration and development work or a payment instead of work is registered on that claim.

An FMC gives you the right to:

  • acquire and maintain mineral and placer title;
  • access your title during exploration and development.

An FMC does not authorize you:

  • to use a FMC for purposes other than activities directly related to mineral or placer exploration and mining;
  • to use your title for residential or recreational purposes;
  • to place any structure (cabin, greenhouse, garbage) on your title;
  • to conduct any mining activity (exploration, road building) without approval from a Regional Mines Office;
  • to hunt, fish or acquire or carry a firearm.

Please complete the appropriate FMC registration form.

  • Fee for Individuals: $25.00 (FREE for Seniors 65 years or older)
  • Fee for Companies: $500.00
  • Fee for Partnership: $25.00 (individuals); $500.00 (corporate)

Cheques and money orders for the registration fee should be made payable to the “Minister of Finance”.

Further information about FMCs is available on our Frequently Asked Questions.

The Mineral Titles Online application requires a business BCeID account.  Whether you are an individual, a partnership, or a company, you will need a business BCeID.  When registering for a business BCeID account you will have the opportunity to select the type of business that is being enrolled.  For example, for an individual you would select “Proprietorship”, for a company you might select “BC Corporation” or “Extra Provincially Registered Company”.

Please visit the BCeID website to enroll for a business BCeID account.

Please note:  For individuals, you will need to visit a point of service office (Service BC, FrontCounterBC, or Mineral Titles Branch office) that will be listed at the end of the BCeID enrollment.  You will need to be identity-proofed over the counter.  Ensure you bring the correct identification from the approved list.