BC Alaska Transboundary Waters

The Province of British Columbia and the State of Alaska have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) formalizing the mutual agreement to protect and enhance the shared environment, including the transboundary rivers, watersheds, and fisheries, for the benefit of both jurisdictions.

The two governments also have a Statement of Cooperation on the Protection of Transboundary Waters (SOC) in place. This agreement builds on the MOU and established a bilateral working group consisting of the commissioners of the Alaska Departments of Environmental Conservation, Fish and Game and Natural Resources and the deputy ministers of the British Columbia Ministries of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation, and Environment and Climate Change Strategy.

The bilateral working group meets quarterly to address these three priorities:

  • Establish and oversee a Technical Working Group on water monitoring that will identify a reliable and accurate process for the collection, summary and distribution of baseline, regional and project-specific water quality data
  • Look for opportunities to build on and enhance participation in environmental assessments and permitting relating to mines and development
  • Identify and share reports on mine discharges, operations and closures

Bilateral Working Group Meeting Summaries

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