Historical mineral statistics

This page links to documents and tables that compile the annual statistics of mineral production and production for individual mines in British Columbia.  The publications include information such as prices, total values and production of mineral commodities produced in BC from 1874 onward. From the late 1800s to 1979, these statistics were contained in the Annual Reports of the Minister of Mines.  From 1980 through 1984, they formed part of the Mineral Resources Division - Summary of Operations.  In 1985 through 1990, these statistics were reported though the B.C. Mineral Statistics Annual Summary Tables & from 1990 to 1993 in the B.C. Mineral Output - Statistical Output.  Statistics beyond 1993 and more information are available through the Geology, Exploration and Mining publications and through other miscellaneous reports at the end of this page.  See the Mineral Statistics website for information about the metals, coal, industrial mineral, construction aggregates, mineral exploration and other sectors.

MINFILE, an interactive mineral occurrence database, has over 80 metal, industrial mineral and coal producers, and over 1950 past producers.

Annual Reports 1874-2000

Annual Reports to the Minister provide an accounting of how the ministry has been working to achieve its goals. In the early years these reports contained extensive information on geology and industry activity, but since the 1970's this information has not been included in the Annual Report publication series.  Mineral production data is included with each annual report and compiled in index tables listing production for metal mines.

Geology, Exploration and Mining in BC 1969-present

In 1969 a new annual publication entitled Geology, Exploration and Mining in British Columbia was initiated. It comprised chapters on metals, placer, structural materials, industrial minerals and coal. It incorporated and expanded on the geological and technical reports that were formerly part of the Annual Report series. This series was restructured many times between 1969 and 2014. From 2015 onwards, these historical series are published as: 

  • Geological Fieldwork (released as the first Paper in a given year)
  • The Provincial Overview of Mining and Exploration, Exploration and Mining in British Columbia (released as the first Information Circular in a given year)
  • and, The Coal Industry Overview (released as the second Information Circular in a given year

Information Reports Series - Summary of Operations 1980-1984

The Information Report series was initiated by the Ministry in 1980. The Summary of Operations, Mineral Resources Division (1980 to 1984 inclusive) contains statistical information formerly incorporated in the Annual Reports of the Minister. This volume consists of three chapters: Activity of the Mining industry in the title year, activity of the Energy and Minerals Division in the title year, and detailed mineral resource statistics for the title year.

B.C. Mineral Statistics - Annual Summary Tables 1985-1990

The B.C. Mineral Statistics - Annual Summary Tables series was initiated by the Mineral Policy & Evaluation Branch of the Mineral Resources Division with the collaboration of the Energy Resources Division and provides information for the years 1985 through 1990. The Summary Tables contain detailed statistical information on historic mineral production, value, exploration & development expenditures; along with the markets for the commodities and employment or operating statistics starting in 1836.

British Columbia Mineral Output - Statistical Summary 1991-1993

The British Columbia Mineral Output - Statistical Summary series is intended to update the series of provincial statistics on British Columbia's mineral industry production dating back to the 1800's.  Its focus is primarily historical and summarizes annual statistics from 1980 and on.

BC Data Catalogue Annual Production Data

See the BC Data Catalogue for the following tables:

B.C. Mineral Quarterly and Mineral Market Update 1982-1995

The B.C. Mineral Quarterly was published from 1982 through 1986. The publication contains statistics on production of B.C.’s major mineral commodities (including quantities produced and values and prices received), as well as selected significant events, studies, government initiatives and programs and items of general interest on B.C. mining.  These types of statistics and information were published in the Mineral Market Update from 1989 to 1995. 

BC Historical Metal Production Database 1888-1988

The BC METAL database contains production statistics as reported on the Annual Census of Mines from 1888 to 1988. The database contains information for 1452 metal mines and is available as Microsoft Access tables.  To download the database and view reports from the database click this link: BC METAL.  Much of this database has been incorporated into the MINFILE mineral occurrence database. 

Miscellaneous Reports and Other Links