Mineral Assessment Geologists

Last updated on July 4, 2023

Assessment geologists review mineral assessment reports for compliance with the Mineral Tenure Act, as well as maintain the ARIS (Assessment Report Indexing System) database. ​

Jessica Norris - Senior Mineral Resource Geoscientist

Phone: (778) 698-7223
Email:  Jessica.Norris@gov.bc.ca

Bronwen Wallace - Mineral Assessment Geoscientist


Phone: (236) 478-3523
Email:  Bronwen.Wallace@gov.bc.ca

Don Harrison - Mineral Assessment Geoscientist

Phone: (778) 698-7014
Email:  Donald.Harrison@gov.bc.ca

Ryan Grundy - Mineral Assessment Geoscientist

Phone: (778) 405-1721
Email:  Ryan.Grundy@gov.bc.ca