Curran Wearmouth

Mineral Potential Geoscientist

Curran Wearmouth

Phone: 778-445-5214


As a Mineral Potential Geoscientist, Curran contributes to delivering modernized mineral potential modelling that identifies areas of high prospectivity for key mineral systems to support land use planning and policy development.


Utah State University (B.Sc., Geology, 2014)  
University of Ottawa (M.Sc., Earth Sciences, 2018)


Curran joined the British Columbia Geological Survey in 2018 as a senior field assistant, mapping bedrock geology in northwestern British Columbia. Following his time at the BCGS, Curran worked as an exploration geologist in the oil and gas industry and in the mineral exploration industry. He executed and managed programs focussed on orogenic gold systems in Yukon and British Columbia as well as magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE systems in north-central Saskatchewan.  Curran rejoined the BCGS in 2023.  



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