Gordon Clarke, M.Sc., P.Geo.

Director of the British Columbia Mineral Development Office

Gordon Clarke. Director of MDO

Phone: (604) 660-2094

Email: Gordon.Clarke@gov.bc.ca

Gordon is responsible for managing the Mineral Development Office's activities.


Sir Sandford Fleming College (Dipl. Minerals Technology)

Acadia University (B.Sc., Honours)

University of New Brunswick (M.Sc. )


Gord has over thirty years of experience working in mineral exploration and mining. He was a principal owner of Aurora Geosciences Ltd. (formerly Covello, Bryan and Associates Ltd.) before working as senior mine geologist and superintendant of exploration for Diavik Diamond Mines Inc. After leaving Diavik in 2007, he held public company officer positions as President and Vice President Exploration for North Arrow Minerals Inc. and Vice President Exploration for Elgin Mining Inc.

Gordon is the Director of the Mineral Development Office where he is responsible for the promotion of British Columbia's mineral and coal resources.  He provides information and assistance to industry stakeholders. Monitors and tabulates current industry activities.  Co-ordination of the geoscience outputs of the Regional Geology offices.