Short Term Forest Employment Program

The objective of the Forest Employment Program (the Program) is to create short-term employment opportunities for contractors and workers in interior BC that have been affected by indefinite and permanent closures in the forest sector.

Interior BC is defined as the North and South areas of the BC Natural Resource Regions and Districts, including the following regions:

  • Northeast
  • Omineca
  • Skeena
  • Kootenay/Boundary
  • Cariboo
  • Thompson/Okanagan

To see a detailed description and map to determine your region, visit the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Region & District Contacts Page.

The Program will create employment opportunities in areas most acutely impacted by indefinite and permanent closures, reducing the impact of job losses on communities. It is expected that funded projects will also result in benefits for impacted communities, through enhanced resilience, wildfire recovery and risk reduction, and forest enhancement.

The Program is administered by the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development.

Immediate Procurement Opportunities (Fiscal Year 2019/20)

In an effort to provide short term employment opportunities as soon as possible to meet the immediate needs of those contractors and workers impacted by recent mill closures and curtailments the ministry will be directly leading projects in fiscal year 2019/20.

Project contracts in 2019/20 will be administered through ministry regional offices using government procurement processes with a focus on impacted contractors and workers. These projects will be focused on creating short term employment opportunities near communities directly impacted by a permanent or indefinite closure. 

The following initial list of projects has been identified. This list will be updated regularly as more projects are added.


Project Name


Impacted Community

Likely Recreation Site Clean Up / Improvement

Funding to improve crown land for recreation purposes by removing garbage and debris to benefit local users.

100 Mile House/Clinton

Big Bar Landslide

Restoration of river channel to address a recent rock slide into the Fraser River that created a barrier to migrating/spawning salmon and steelhead.

100 Mile House/Clinton

Douglas Fir Beetle Management - harvest

Funding to support active management of Douglas Fir Beetle infested trees in the North Thompson Valley.


Community Firewood Delivery

Funding to distribute a large amount of confiscated firewood to residents in the North Thompson and surrounding communities.


West Quesnel Primary Fuel Break to reduce wildfire risk.

Funding would support community protection from wildfire by creating a fuel break in a strategic location. The additional funding would support mechanical treatment of the highest wildfire risk areas.


Mount Pope Provincial Park Fuel Management

60ha of Fuel Management treatment along the south boundary of Mount Pope Provincial Park.

Fort St. James

Wildhorse Forest Service Road Upgrade

Funding would support the brushing, ditch re-establishment and widening of the Wildhorse Forest service Road to improve safety.


Graystoke Forest Service Road

Repair slide damage to Graystoke Forest Service Road in the Mission Creek Community Watershed to improve water quality and recreation use.


Mackenzie Road Maintenance

Maintenance of roads in the vicinity of Mackenzie.  Intent is to improve egress, sight lines for safety and ensure reasonable access for emergencies including wildfire.


Additional information on projects available in fiscal year 2019/20 and how to participate will be available on this website in the very near future. We encourage interested organizations to continue to check this website for updates or contact our program office.

Moving Forward (Fiscal Year 2020/21)

A streamlined proposal process for the Program is under development by Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development for launch early in 2020, in order to maximize the number of short-term forestry employment projects funded by the Program. Eligible projects will be focused on forest enhancement, community resiliency, and wildfire prevention, and have a significant portion of the project funding to be devoted to impacted contractors/workers wages.