Short Term Forest Employment Program

The Forest Employment Program (FEP) is a 3-year program, created in 2019 to provide short-term employment opportunities for contractors and workers in interior BC that have been affected by indefinite and permanent closures in the forest sector.

The Program is in its second year and creates short-term employment opportunities reducing the impact of job losses. It is expected that funded projects will also result in benefits for impacted communities, including through enhanced resilience, wildfire recovery/risk reduction, and forest enhancement.

As part of the Province’s COVID-19 economic recovery plan, FEP has been expanded and revised to increase its ability to support workers and contractors affected by the economic impacts of the pandemic, rather than just those directly impacted by the downturn in the forestry sector. Key changes include:

  • Additional funding has been provided, raising the level of funding for 2020/21 from $9 M to $21 M. 
  • FEP has been expanded to the coast, making the program now applicable throughout the province.
  • Contractor/worker eligibility requirements have been adapted to ensure those affected by the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are eligible for support.

The program is administered by the Rural Policy and Programs (RPP) Branch of the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, with regional offices managing individual contracts.

Information on the selection process, or to enquire as to eligibility, can be obtained by contacting our program office.