Robert’s Creek Study Forest

Trial Name: Roberts Creek Study Forest (EP1256)
Trial website:
Trial Objectives Installation Name Ecosystems Represented Tree Species Silvicultural Systems Tested Post Establishment Treatments
  • Planted and natural regeneration growth and development
  • Monitor effects on local hydrology and water quality
  • Monitor windthrow
  • Harvesting Economics
Roberts Creek Study Forest CWHdm
  • Douglas-fir
  • Western hemlock
  • Western red cedar
  • 10% dispersed retention
  • 50% aggregate retention
  • Clearcut with reserves
  • Strip Shelterwood
  • Planting – 1994 Douglas-fir and western red cedar
  • 2nd harvest entry - 1999


Publication Topics Publications
General Overview
Multiple values discussed
Water quality and snowpack
Forest Fungi
Harvesting and worker safety
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  • Bowden-Dunham, M.T. 1998. A productivity comparison of clearcutting and alternative silviculture systems in coastal British Columbia. For. Eng. Res. Inst. Can., Vancouver, B.C. FERIC Tech. Rep. TR-122.
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Public perceptions