Mount Seven/Ice Road Partial Cutting Research Trials - Uniform Shelterwood Trails

Trial Name: Partial cutting systems research in Armillaria root rot infected stands (EP 1186) (aka Ice Road & Mount Seven)
Trial website:
Trial Objectives Installation Name Ecosystems Represented Tree Species Silvicultural Systems Tested Post Establishment Treatments
  • Measure planted stock and natural regeneration response
  • Measure overstory residual tree response
  • Measure the relationship between light and tree growth
  • Monitor the vegetation development
  • Measure soil properties in response to harvesting method
  • Measure root disease (Armillaria ostoyae and Inonotus tomentosus) and impact on regeneration
Ice Road & Mount Seven
  • ICHmw2
  • MSdk
  • Douglas-fir
  • Western larch
  • Hybrid spruce
  • Western red cedar
  • Western hemlock
  • Irregular Uniform Shelterwood 
  • Patch cut
  • 4 levels of BA retention (zero, light, heavy and full)
  • two harvest methods – push-over and conventional hand falling
Comments: Impacted by windfall and Douglas-fir beetle in 2017 - 2018


Publication Topics Publications
Multiple values 
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